Energy Services

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 10.53.34 AMUrbecon delivers cost effective energy services that help building owners and managers reduce energy consumption and save money. Urbecon educates owners and tenants to understand the value of saving energy and how they can make a difference in their energy bills through retrofits, new technologies and promoting resident behavioral change.

 Energy Benchmarking

New York City requires all buildings over 50,000 Sq.Ft. to conduct an energy benchmarking process annually by May 1st.  NYC is proposing to extend this requirement to buildings over 25,000 sq. ft. Benchmarking should be viewed as more than complying with local laws as it provides valuable energy use information and building comparisons that help to make important energy decisions. We assist owners to use and understand this powerful tool.

Portfolio Solutions/Energy Advisory Services

Urbecon assists building owners and managers to increase the energy performance in their building portfolios. We conduct energy assessments, select energy conservation measures (ECMs) and oversee project implementation. Portfolio wide approaches can stream line installation of ECMs and add economies of scale in purchase of services and equipment.

 Grant and Rebate Assistance

Urbecon assists owners to identify and evaluate government and utility incentive, tax credit and financing programs available for various ECMS. We provide comparisons of the value of each option available and may apply for applicable incentives, financing programs and tax abatements. Urbecon has experience with NYSERDA Multifamily Performance, Cogeneration and Solar Incentive Programs as well as local utility programs.

Training and Education

Ubecon provides a range of training services for end users, property managers and market partners through classroom training, webinars and educational materials.

 Projects/Case studies: