Urbecon promotes sustainable buildings, communities and life styles through planning and development, educational, and change management services.

Our mission is to support equitable and sustainable development through active stakeholder involvement in the design and implementation of plans, policies and programs that affect them.

We assist government and community clients to develop strategic plans, innovative programs, and implementation and outreach strategies. We help all our clients understand, participate in, and benefit from changing policy and regulatory environments and provide them with strategy options and hands on implementation plans.

Urbecon provides analytic, financial and project management tools to end user clients to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint while saving money and building asset value.  Services range from educational and marketing campaigns to individual building analysis, portfolio solutions incorporating utility and government incentive programs, and project management.

Urbecon collaborates with strategic partners to provide clients with targeted expertise to best address their needs. Urbecon, LLC is registered as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) in New York City and New York State.

Whether you are a government, business, non-profit or civic group, interested in increasing your adaptability and sustainability you would benefit from a consultation with us.

Urbecon History


Martha Sickles

Martha Sickles – Founder Urbecon LLC

Urbecon was founded as Urbecon Spolka Z.O.O. in 1997 in Sopot, Poland, to support  government and civil society  reform in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

We began our involvement in the political and socio-economic transformation in 1990, bringing democratic and market based solutions to influence reform of the real estate, housing and local government sectors in Central Europe.

Our work is inspired by the principle that sustainable transformation requires the involvement of all local stakeholders from the inception of the planning efforts.  Transformation begins with collaborative education and assessments to create a change in perspective.  To this end, we partner with local private and non-profit organizations, Universities and Institutes, building on local skills and concepts, to design educational tools, strategic methods and programs to best meet the needs of each client.

Urbecon LLC was registered in New York in 2007 and began work in sustainable development and energy services. In comparison to many other many countries, the United States lags in public awareness and active public involvement in solving the problem of carbon pollution.  We draw on international experience to promote public engagement, market transformation, and best practices of clean energy generation and energy efficiency.