Strategic Planning, Change management and Market Transformation Services





Today’s fast moving markets require that organizations manage change easily. Globalization,economic volatility, environmental challenges and rapidly evolving technology require organizations to enhance their ability to adapt quickly.  Rapid adaptation necessitates shifts in strategic direction, organizational restructuring, and process change requiring an environment of flexibility, creativity and empowerment.

Urbecon LLC and its principal have over fifteen years experience guiding major government restructuring, market transformations, organization development and capacity building and strategic development internationally across three continents.

Program Highlight: Real Estate Market Transformation in Central Europe

Urbecon’s principal worked with the Eastern European Real Property Foundation founded by the National Association of Realtors, to advance the real estate professions Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.13.32 AMand sector reform in Central Europe. She designed visioning and strategic planning processes to facilitate problem definition, goal setting and initial implementation plans amongst a group of State and local government officials and real estate owners and professionals in five countries

This work facilitated a range of real estate reform legislation, the creation of professional real estate associations and network throughout the region and training collaborations with United States and European Real Estate Institutes.